Seniority Evaluation

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The module uses an original methodology that enables the evaluation of an employee on the basis of his individual quality and the relationship to his job classification - job seniority. To determine the level of work seniority, it uses the measurement of the level of knowledge, skills and performance autonomy of the evaluated employee. It supports the objectification of the employee's assessment with output to his salary /wage evaluation.

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Typical users of the application are HR professionals and managers. The application includes a function for setting roles for individual types of users.

Users work with HR DRIVE via an internet browser. No need to install anything. All modern internet browsers are supported.

The individual modules are interconnected and share data with each other. However, linking does not prevent the client from selecting and using only the module(s) they need.

No, there are no number limits set within the application or within the individual modules that would limit their use.

All communication between the user and HR DRIVE is encrypted. Our servers are located at a provider that is certified according to ČSN ISO/IEC 27001:2014 (information security management system).

It is really easy. We will make HR DRIVE available to you with all basic functions for 14 days. You don't have to pay anything, just contact us.

Both technical and methodical support from experienced advisors is available to all users.

The application is offered in the form of a one-year license lease with automatic renewal. Implementation is combined with consulting support. Just contact us, we will arrange the details with you.

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